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Home and Land Packages

Home and Land Packages

A unique home and land for you which is customized best to suit you and your budget!Vesta Homes specializes in designing packages that best suit all types of home buyer. This is possible with the help of our highly skilled in-house architects and designers to make these homes a reality. This takes the innovation and the skill of home building to the next level as it allows the home buyer to have a unique home to suit their unique land suited at various budgets.

Vesta Homes takes home building seriously which allows us to collaborate with various designs and styles. Double and single storey homes are made fit to various lands that are available to Vesta Homes with what we think best suits that particular land. By no means the design that is set to that land advertised is the only design to go on that land; it is basically what we feel is the most suitable. This means that if you are interested in a particular land you can always negotiate with us about the design that is placed on the particular land.

Vesta Homes’ high standards of home and land packages will not be beaten!

Vesta Homes is always expanding so if you cannot find a home and land package in the area that you want, request it and we will try to make it happen.