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Small & Functional bathroom Ideas For Cosy Homes

Small & Functional bathroom Ideas
For Cosy Homes

Small bathroom can look spacious and practical if you decorate it right. Many of us live in a small space and we are looking for solutions. A small bathroom can be wonderful, you just need to follow some simple rules.


Instead of bathtub that would use up half a room, built a shower that can fill out all angles.

It can be just a shower or shower room with shower tub. A glass door of the shower cabin can create an illusion of more space because it allows you to see both ends of the room.

For storage you need to use shelves from the floor to the ceiling, where you can delay all necessary things.

For more spacious look, you need to use more bright colours. The perfect choice is white, it can give you best results. Then set bigger a mirror because it can visually increase the space. At the end, make sure the bathroom must be lit well because a poor lighting can create a narrow space feeling.

Add Pops of Colour

An alternative to painting is to add pops of colour by showcasing colourful hand towels, bathroom tile, rugs or even robes to create your own ambiance and flair.

  • Hang bold, vibrant towels or robes to add colour and personality.
  • Display stylish soap dishes and accessories for a designer touch.
  • Paint your mirror frame an accent colour.


Avoid Foggy mirrors ,moulds  and damp:

Bathroom are ‘wet areas’ that needs ventilation and cross ventilation is the best. If you don’t have access to good ventilation, consider a ventilated skylight or roof window. Ideally windows should be able to stay open 24/7 without letting in rain, insects or burglars. Even if you have a good ventilation always use a exhaust when showering and make sure the suction is adequate for the length of ducting.