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How to choose where you’re going to buy a home (not a house)?

How to choose where you’re going to buy a home (not a house)?

If you’ve decided you want to buy a home to live in. Either if this is your first property, upsizing or downsizing, or moving to a different location. Deciding where to live can be a tough decision an individual, a couple or family will ever make. But narrowing down your location search can have a difference between finding a place in a few months or so and being practical can minimize the need to move in the future.

To help you choose a destination to make your “Dream Home” we have a helpful checklist to help ease the decision making.


If you are considering buying for market growth in a short time frame then look at suburbs with recent large market growth rates.

E.g. Don’t choose projected future growth areas with home and land packages that may not grow more than 2% over the next 10-15 years.


Whether you drive, catch public transport or even ride a bike to work, travel time to work or school can make a huge difference to your lifestyle. It’s important to consider not only what type of transport will suit you now, but also a ‘Plan B’ option if your transport should be suspended.

Choosing a location that can offer you both a convenient route and nearby public transport location can reduce any impact on your daily commute.


Buying a large house might make you feel special but a larger house comes with more responsibilities. Heaps of people downsize their house into a large apartment because the outside maintenance was too much to handle.

Local Amenities or Activities

This is important because if this is not an activity that you do every day and use on weekends when you have a spare time to travel a little bit further than your place of residence may not need to be so close. For an instance, If you want to do Yoga every morning at 6 am and the nearest yoga studio you like is 15min away consider if you’re happy to do that travel every day in comparison to if you only had to do that for a weekend activity in your own place.

These are just some basic ideas to truly consider what your needs in terms of allocating a destination and opening yourself up to more realistic options. Sometimes the idea of where we want to live doesn’t match our everyday life. But It’s important to consider the individual property aspects in addition to this, we all know that narrowing your search down to one specific suburb can be the hardest step. As soon as you do it, then you will find your property search much easier.